InnerStrength Counseling



Are you feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you have found yourself lacking the passion you used to have for life. Maybe you can't stop worrying about the same things, over and over. Or you might have lost motivation. Such painful emotions can make it hard to fully enjoy parts of life that can bring a sense of happiness or belonging. Whatever it is that is troubling you, it may be time to take new steps towards feeling better.

I help people discover the steps that will set them on the path to feeling better and more connected to their world. People I work with often find their relationships to be more peaceful and close as a result of our counseling sessions. Others have found that by working with me they were able to overcome their depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or trauma/PTSD.

They found the sense of freedom that occurs when these issues no longer plague their lives. Whatever the rights steps are for you, we can work together to get you on your path to feeling better and more empowered. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about working with me or if you'd like to schedule a session.