Authenticity & Vulnerability = Close Relationships

Many people desire to have relationships with others in which they can be seen and accepted for who they are.  In order to create such relationships, it is important to be authentic.  You need to show who you truly are to others before you can be fully accepted.  Being authentic with others can be hard though.

This is because in order to be authentic one must practice vulnerability, something which is often uncomfortable.  Vulnerability is when one opens up to others and shows their true personality.  To be vulnerable is to show your true feelings, values, and ideas even though others may invalidate, disagree, or reject them.  While risking rejection is uncomfortable, it is only when we are being real with others that we can form our closest relationships.   

To learn more about vulnerability watch Brene Brown’s Ted Talk: The power of vulnerability.

- Bill McCadden, MSW, LCSW